Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Dangers of Moralism

How's it going everyone? Been a while since I've posted. It's another sleepless night, so I might as well make some good out of it.

So something that has been on my mind lately is what we consider good, or moral. In America, we say we are a Christian nation. This is especially true of the South - the 'Bible Belt'.  But I'd argue that is not a Christ centered culture, but instead is one of moralism.  What is moralism you ask? Moralism is 'the practice or moralizing, as distinct from religion'. Being a good, or moral, person is not a bad thing. We are born with an innate sense of right and wrong. But moralism itself says it is separate from religion, so take note.
I'll use myself as an example. By society's standards, I have high morals. I've never cheated on someone I've dated. I don't do drugs. I go to church. I help my friends and family. I'm a 'good person'. But if that's all I ever am, then I've missed the point. I may be a 'moral' person, but I'd still go to Hell. 

Our conscience is there to help point us towards Christ. That innate sense of right and wrong helps point out that we have sinned. And even one sin is enough to tip the scales irrevocably and send us to Hell. It doesn't matter if you went to church every Sunday, sang in the choir, gave in every offering, and helped out at the Jimmie Hale Mission. If Christ isn't your Lord and Savior, no matter how moral you are, you will end up in Hell. There is no way of sugar-coating that fact.

While being moral isn't wrong, like so many other things in this life, we take what was mean to be good and twist it. Our conscience tells us that we should be moral and that there is right and there is wrong in this world. We're raised to be 'moral' citizens. Society, while it is loosening its stance on what is moral and what isn't year by year, does try and enforce upon us the importance of being moral. But it's so easy to slip into that and do nothing else. And that's the danger.

All moralism will do is make you a slightly better sinner. It won't save you.

Love in Christ,


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  1. Your grandfather was a good man, but being good doesn't get you to Heaven. PTL! He accepted Jesus as his Savior one week before he died! It's a comfort to know that I will see my daddy again one day!! Much love always! Aunt Bonnie