Sunday, August 3, 2014

More than Conquerors

Figured I'd switch it up and do one of these during the day instead of late at night for a change!

So I was reading some more of Piper's book "Don't waste your life" - surprise, surprise - and came across a section in the book that talked about what it meant to be more than conquerors which struck me. I've heard that phrase throughout my life in the church but if anyone ever took the time to explain it, it must not have stuck with me.

Christians come under attack from by Satan in many different ways. We may have a constant affliction, such as Paul. We may undergo a personal tragedy. We may not have had the best upbringing and were never in church. We may be tempted constantly. Whatever it is, "the aim of the attacker is to destroy you, and cut you off from Christ, and bring you to final ruin without God. You are a conqueror if you defeat this aim and remain in the love of Christ."

So we've seen what it takes to be a conqueror - To best the challenge that is brought against us and to draw closer to God in the process. To not let the attacker, Satan, win. But many times, we stop there. "Alright, I feel  better. I'm not great, but I'm alright. Let's move on with life." But we stop at being 'more than conquerors', and Jesus promises that we will be greater than that. "One who is more than a conqueror subjugates his enemy. A conqueror nullifies the purpose of his enemy; one who is more than a conqueror makes the enemy serve his own purposes. A conqueror strikes down his foe; one who is more than a conqueror makes his for his slave."

So what does it all mean? We've not been separated from Christ, and we have, through Christ, risen above the challenge. But we must use that affliction, that temptation, that tragedy - the force that came against us needs to be used against the enemy. We need to use it as a way to spread God's glory. Show the world that which was once our pain is now our joy. Use that to help others and to show what Jesus has done for us. Be more than a conqueror. Be a Christ-follower, one who is not ashamed to spread his love wherever & whenever we may be called to speak. What was meant for evil is now meant for good - for God's glory.

It's a powerful message, if we take the time to share it. Have a great week everyone. Let me know if I can pray for you about anything.

Love in Christ,