Monday, January 13, 2014

When Peace Eludes

Gotta love those sleepless nights that decide to visit randomly. No matter how early you have to get up... no matter how desperately you want to fall asleep... those blissful dreams won't come and take you away. This is where I find myself tonight, or morning almost. Nothing deep was on my mind, I was just unable to find peace. None of the usual routines helped. So I found myself here. Maybe it's the lack of sleep that's getting to me, but my inability to find the peaceful sleep that I longed for in my bed reminded that so many people, Christians and non-Christians alike, find themselves longing for peace. Some people try to find peace in the things of this world, trying to find that escape, no matter how temporary that fleeting moment. And there are good things in which we can escape the madness this world throws at us.

For the non-believer: Whatever the vise is that grips you, it's hard to give up on the one thing that has given you some measure of peace in this world. I understand it more than you know. The world can be harsh, and it can be even tougher to trust an unseen God who you don't believe in. Heck, I struggle trusting God and I'm a Christian. I want to have some measure of control in my life. I fight Him and the peace that he gives freely. I think it's human nature to try and do things ourselves, and not try and rely on someone or something else. But it's so much easier when you give him your burden and let him pull the yoke. Your soul can find rest with Him. I know it's not easy to trust, but it is definitely worth it.

For the believer: Whether it's football, a good book, or just spending time with friends, we need to focus on the Giver and not the gift. God gave us things in this world to enjoy and with which to find rest. We even have a place we can go for fellowship and support in hard times. Some of us hide behind the mask of religion, even though we are hurting on the inside, unsure of how we can keep going from one day to the next. Whether it be due to pain, dullness, or any myriad of issues, our focus slips. We divert our eyes from God, and even the things he gave us for peace and enjoyment no longer grant us peace. But this is where we err. We should find peace in the things God has granted us, but not let them be our all consuming passion. We should try and refocus on Him, not anything else. He should be our passion. He should be what we turn to when things don't go our way. He is the Prince of Peace. He has promised us that he will help us bear the burden. And while I'm not saying everything will go our way, I know it will be far easier with Him than without.

Part of me wishes I could have gotten more sleep tonight. There's a good chance of being irritable in the morning due to the lack of sleep. But the other part of me knows I'll be fine tomorrow, no matter what is thrown my way, if only for the fact that God is with me. And hopefully someone reading this gets the encouragement they needed and finds the peace that God has promised them. I think a little lack of sleep is worth that. Have a great week everyone. As always, let me know if there is anything I can pray for you about.

Love in Christ,